Tuesday, February 28, 2012

DIY Button Blocks

Button blocks, similar to these, hit Pinterest like crazy a while ago and I thought they'd be adorable in the nursery. In my first ever (bare with me!) DIY post, I'll show you how I made them. You may have a different way or idea, but hopefully this will be a starting block!

Materials Used for Button Blocks:
- Plywood Blocks (I used 10 inch squares)
- Pieces of Fabric for Background (I used 12 inch squares)
- Pieces of Batting (I used 12 inch squares)
- Pieces of Fabric for Front (I used 13 inch squares)
- Ribbon, 12 inches long
- Pencil
- Ruler
- Staple Gun and Staples
- Buttons
- Fabric Paint


1. Cover the back with fabric:

( I wanted to cover the back of the boards. You could decide to skip this step.) Cover by placing the block in the middle of the fabric and stapling the corners. (I placed the entire thing on top of another piece of plywood to provide more pressure and stability.) Staple the middle sections and then fold down the corner edges and staple them again.

2. Cover the front with fabric:

Layer the fabric and batting by placing the batting on the block and then the fabric on top of that. I stapled both at the same time, repeating step one.

3. Attach ribbon to hang the block:

Use a ruler to make 2 marks that are 3 inches from the side, and make 2 marks that are 2 inches from the top. Draw a cross where the 2 and 3 inch lines meet. Lay ribbon over the lines. (I left a pencil under the ribbon to give some slack for hanging. It was Brent's idea, I have to admit.) Staple the ribbon on the line, fold it over the staple (back towards the center) and staple it again. Trim excess ribbon.

4. Draw letters: 

Use a pencil to draw letters onto the block. Draw the letter free hand, or, use a computer to create and print letters to trace.

5. Buttons:

Attach buttons to fabric by painting the letter with tacky glue and placing the buttons on the fabric. I found it helpful to thickly coat the glue (and it dries clear.) Allow to dry over night.

6. Fabric Paint:

Use fabric paint to neatly outline the buttons. Allow to dry overnight again.

Read the fine print: I decided to use glue for the following reasons:

- It hangs on a wall far from where my child will be able to pluck off buttons and swallow them.
- It is for a nursery and will be on display only for a few years.

Had I wanted a sturdier or longer lasting piece I would shave sewn the buttons. This is a decision you can make on your own! 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Monthly Mosaic: 1/12

January's Monthly Mosaic:

My favorite images from January... Snow in West Virginia; Homemade cake from my baby shower; The dogs fell off the couch; Baby button project (more images coming soon); Working on baby quilt while looking at the lake; Starting first baby quilt; Sharpened smencils, my favorite; One of MANY beautiful sunrises I've seen in the mornings.