Saturday, January 8, 2011

Snowman Give-Away

I love raffles, especially when they're stacked in my favor. So, as we bring in 2011, I'm giving away a piece, and giving you a chance to cheat!

On January 15, I'm going to draw one name from all of my Facebook, Etsy and blog followers.  That means the more you join (or your spouse), the better your chances! That lucky winner will win a snowman wall hanging, similar to the one shown here.

To be eligible, you must be a Facebook Fan, Blog Follower, or Etsy Favorite.  

Follow the blog (after all, you are reading it!): 

And, lastly, to favorite the page on Etsy, create an account and then do this. (And lets face it, starting an account on etsy is the thing to do. You can find great gifts from starving artists all around the globe.) 

Good luck and happy joining! Fans, Followers and Favorites must be done by 5:00 January 15! 

PS. Abby, how are the demo pictures? My technology skills at work! :)

Wine Charms?

Maybe it's my love for wine, or maybe my love for snow, but I'm loving these wine charms!  I purchased charms as gifts for Christmas presents this year and thought I would try and make some myself.  The inspiration was, again, the snow that happily kept us at home for several days, and the wine glass that occasionally assists me as I work.  

These are made on unused bottle caps (don't ask how I acquired them!) so they have a flatter edge that gives them a little border.  I design the image and then cut them out of fused fabric scraps.  A few details are added with ink and glitter, a must for snow images, and then the entire cap is sealed in resin.  I think I like them better than the previous necklace caps... tell me what you think! Make more or scrap them?