Saturday, January 8, 2011

Wine Charms?

Maybe it's my love for wine, or maybe my love for snow, but I'm loving these wine charms!  I purchased charms as gifts for Christmas presents this year and thought I would try and make some myself.  The inspiration was, again, the snow that happily kept us at home for several days, and the wine glass that occasionally assists me as I work.  

These are made on unused bottle caps (don't ask how I acquired them!) so they have a flatter edge that gives them a little border.  I design the image and then cut them out of fused fabric scraps.  A few details are added with ink and glitter, a must for snow images, and then the entire cap is sealed in resin.  I think I like them better than the previous necklace caps... tell me what you think! Make more or scrap them?