Friday, December 31, 2010

Snowman on Snow Days

I attempted three snow sculptures this week.  The first was a snowman.  His snow life was cut short when we sledded over him.  (1. He was not very tall, the snow was not packing well. 2. It was not a sled, more of a salad serving bowl that we used to 'sled' down the hill.) My second attempt was an igloo, complete with an entrance way.  This was bombed by a surprise snowball attack from my brother.  My third and final attempt was a snow angel.  Moments after I climbed out of my angel it was run over by Brent, in his truck. And I do mean moments.  I'm almost positive he was aiming for me. 

Tuesday, I settled for making a snowman in fabric.  I felt it was safer for the snowman and me.  He was created with fused fabrics and then quilted by machine.  

I added beading for the first time (and it won't be the last time) and did some hand embroidery for the details.  


The result was a drier, warmer day for me, and fun wall hanging! 

See this on Etsy.

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