Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Very Best Assistants

I'd like to introduce you to my assistants.  They are possibly the best fans you could ask for... faithful, kind, and supportive.  They bring warmth (and sometimes odor) to my studio.  Unfortunately, naps occur frequently, so we are working to improve work productivity. 

Toeby likes to play.  Mostly while I am working.  I frequently get hit in the leg with a toy which is his sign for me to throw it .  It is nice to take breaks from my projects, but the frequency of his 'play times' continues to increase.  When he gives up he usually decides to sit right next to my legs... usually resulting in tail injuries.  

Daisy Mae prefers to watch from a distance.  She studies every movement and piece, never making judgement.  Her only vocal outbursts come in the form of loud snores.  

We work comfortably together in our shared studio space.  I have learned to walk around the water bowl as opposed to knocking it over every time I walk by.  Brent and I have both learned that the dogs like to pull the cotton batting out of the container to play.  Perhaps they think it is indoor snow.  

Toeby and Daisy have learned that when I enter their room and light a candle I'm staying for the day, and that makes us all happy!

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