Sunday, April 22, 2012

DIY Cherry Blossom Cards

Make your own Cherry Blossom Cards

Water down brown paint so that it drips when you lift your brush out of the paint. Drop a dot on the edge of your paper, and then use a straw to blow the paint in the direction you want your limbs to go. Ball up a scrap of paper to dip into a light pink or white paint and then dab onto the paper as petals. Make the petal center using the end of a brush dipped into a darker pink paint. 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Paige Marie

Brent and I welcomed our first child, Paige Marie, on Friday March 23! Needless to say, all focus has been on Paige. She has successfully wrapped us both around her finger and we're okay with it. Prior to her arrival all of my art focus had been on creating works for her nursery; which I would have finished had she not decided to make an appearance 2 weeks early. (Okay, I may have finished the wall hangings only, since I haven't started the other 3 pieces yet.) Luckily she hasn't noticed the lack of wall decor, or at least hasn't complained about it. I'm hoping that with the help of a more scheduled eating routine and some day time napping (insert sigh of relief here) I'll get the pieces done, and maybe even get a few others started too!