Sunday, February 6, 2011

Insert "I'm Back" Comment Here

I’ve been trying to think of a corny starting line about not writing.  It seems like everyone that has a blog goes for a period of time where they don’t post anything and then they say something like, ‘long time, no write’ or, ‘hey, remember me?’ Since both of those are taken I’ll skip that part and just say I’ve been really freakin’ busy.  End of the semester at school, ski trip (and, no, I don’t ski), illnesses acquired from my favorite middle school-ers… regardless, I haven’t posted anything for awhile, but I like to keep a running monologue in my head of things I could post… like, stupid things that I do, or something I have observed. Nevertheless, posted I have not.

So here I am catching up.  And I really am catching up because I have a pretty busy spring.  Luckily, I have quite a few pregnant friends, and quite a few nursery pieces to create. I’ve spent this weekend completing unfinished projects so that when the new supplies come in I can jump right in.  Here, finally, is the snowman that Morgan won. It will be delivered to her tomorrow (Morgan, remind Brent that he has it!) This is the piece that was raffled off to facebook, etsy and blog fans.  It is fused fabrics and beaded, I kind of like it better than the first one. 

Next step, two more projects, and then nursery wall hangings begin! Nothing like having the deadline of ‘childbirth.’  

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