Sunday, October 23, 2011

Art Room Envy: Fabric Stashing

I love seeing how people store their fabrics, usually wrapped on bolts or cardboard. I got this beautiful image on Pinterest from and it inspired me to take a look at my own fabric supply...

Which, unfortunately, looks something like this.

In my third week of Art Room Envy I was determined to find a better way to store the fabric I have... on a limited budget. I didn't want to buy materials or take the time to cut the cardboard. After walking around the house I had the economical (and green!) idea to re-use magazines. By wrapping the fabric around the magazine I can neatly store the fabrics and re-use materials!

The finished result is a work in progress... I still have two bins of fabric to go. The finished fabrics are starting to look great on the bookcase!

Next week I'm looking at work spaces and am still looking for ideas! Leave me suggestions if you see something I can use. If you've missed a previous week check them out!

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