Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Wine Charm Shout-Out: Doodles

Oh, if I had a dollar for every doodle I've created. I surely wouldn't be working anymore... which also means I wouldn't be doodling, considering how much time is spent doodling at meetings!

I created four different doodle wine charm sets this year. Although there are some similarities (clearly I love dots and spirals!) there are some differences worth pointing out... in my opinion!

Spiral Charms, Set of Four
The spiral charms are just that... charms full of spirals. These link together and spiral around each other which made them fun to make. The blue and yellow color scheme is one of my favorites.

Sunshine Wine Charms, Set of 4
These sunshine charms were created by cutting tiny scraps of warm colored fabrics into stripes. Each dot is fused in a different location creating four different asymmetrical designs. Tiny dots are added with ink to add more detail.

Doodle Wine Charms, Set of 4
These four charms are actually called the Doodle Set and combine the elements of sunshine and spiral. Spirals in various shades of blue cross and break blue stripes. A yellow dot is found in each charm unifying them.

Stripe Charms, Set of 4
The last set, the stripe charms, have pink center stripes with other stripes in various colors. A pink dot is also placed in each charm to unify the set.

All charms are sealed in resin for protection and attach to wine glass stems with beaded silver hoops. Purchase these from my Etsy shop, or check out the others!

Wine Charm Shout Out: Holiday

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