Sunday, November 14, 2010


I hate deadlines.

So it is unfortunate that I don’t really function without them.  I have so many thoughts, plans, ideas and projects in my head that I am the kind of person that really does need a due date in order to finish something. A typical ‘art afternoon’ is spent with me working on a project, getting bored and starting a second one, getting distracted and working on a third…. As a result I usually have about three or four I’m working on at time.  (I like variety!)

When we first met Charley Robins, I left knowing I wanted to create a giraffe wall hanging for his nursery.  I sketched the project (mentally) in the car on the way home, ordered the background fabrics, and then did nothing.  (Not entirely true, I worked a full time and part time job and barely stepped foot in my art room.)  So when Brent announced on Thursday that we would be visiting the Robins family on Sunday I went into a frenzied, ‘finish the project’ (err, ‘start the project’) mode.  After stocking up on the necessities I entered my cave determined not to come out again until the project was finished, and I was almost successful.  After working for about three hours, hating the project and starting over, I finally got rolling Saturday afternoon and flew through until Sunday afternoon.  The project was finished in the car (and we were late to Jeff and Kati’s) but I FINISHED it! On time! And, more importantly I was more than pleased with the final outcome. 

It would be nice to think that in the future I won’t need deadlines in order to finish a project….  but after spending yesterday afternoon on three different projects and not focusing on one for more than an hour, it is safe to say the deadlines are in fact a necessity. 

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