Monday, January 16, 2012

Nursery: The Furniture

This will be a quick post just to update our nursery's status. Because I haven't posted any pictures since the painting was finished I've gotten lots of questions about what we're doing next...

We are so, so lucky. Our friend, Jessica, was done with her crib and glider and gave them to us. They are beautiful and took all the pressure to find them off us. 

The dresser is from my college apartment, refinished by Dad. We're going to get a changing pad to put on top so it will double as a changing table.

I like to call this the reading nook :) Our basket of books is full and I continue to buy and receive more. Maybe another day I"ll get on my "Importance of reading to your child" soap box, but for now I'll just say I love reading to my baby. (And yes, I already do.) 

And last here is the general color scheme. Green and pink, with a little yellow. Two weeks ago I started her artworks and will start posting pictures as soon as they're completed!

If you missed the first 'installment' of our nursery, check it out. Nursery: The Beginning 

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