Thursday, June 23, 2011

Contest Day Four

After four days of leaning over my work table I'm starting to do the old lady move where you use your hand to help raise your back as you stand. My hands are cramping, neck is stiff.... but all totally worth it because I am in love with this piece.

The photo transfers started pretty well. After the smooth practicing I decided to go for the real pieces... 6 gulls and 1 lighthouse. I cut every single (incredibly) tiny detail of each bird and then attached it to the fusing paper to be applied to the background. The first one went on with out a problem, and the second one did fine. I added the lighthouse and had a little snag where a small section of the photo stuck to the protective paper between it and the iron. I carefully detached the paper and the melted transfer was fine, barely noticeable. I should have stopped there, cause then this happened.

Yeah, really. The ink/transfer gummed up and came right off with the paper. There really was very little I could do at that point but continue to gently pull the paper off while ripping the wing with it. The bird had attached completely to the background, so I will have to peel the bird off the waves without ripping or damaging the fabric. I said a few words, took a step back and decided to attach the rest of the transfers with adhesive and then sew over them later.

Once all birds were attached it was necessary to attach the side borders so that the heron applique can be placed over both the background and border. I'm dreading the start of the heron, but peeling off the adhesive marks from the problem bird sounds awful too.... we'll see how it goes! 

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