Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Contest Day Three

In my defense, when you look at the progress made today it doesn't look like much.... BUT, all of it was time consuming and there was a lot of trial and error.  I started machine stitching the background, which is basically the only machine area, all other stitching will be by hand until it is complete. The machine stitching adds some texture and also stabilizes the fabrics.  The background is now complete until the birds and lighthouse are added.

So, onto the birds. I wanted to try using photo transfers for the seagulls, but I also wanted to be able to fuse them to the background. Both require ironing, but I had to practice with the different heat settings because one needs high heat and the other low, and I didn't want to burn off or melt the image. 


After that was settled I started creating the rocks that are fused fabrics. The next step will be to start attaching all the images to the background, but that won't be finished until late tonight... so the blogging will have to wait!

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