Monday, June 20, 2011

Contest Day Two

This piece has been progressing nicely! There have been a few set-backs, that wouldn't have been a problem if time wasn't such an issue, but not enough to really delay the project. When I started picking out the fabrics I didn't have anything that I liked for the sky, so I had to put together a bleach bath. It isn't my favorite method, I don't really like using bleach, but it got the look I wanted. The process basically bleaches out the color, so I started with a medium colored blue fabric that was balled up using twine. (Colored strings can dye the fabric.)

This ball of fabric is plunged into boiling water so that the fibers are able to open and accept whatever dye, or reverse dye method you are using.  I allowed it to sit in the hot water for a couple minutes before adding the bleach.

The bleach works quickly so you have to be careful to not have too much of the color bleached out.  Once the fabric has reached the desired shade it is rinsed several times in cold water and then washed with a fabric soap. 

I haven't done this since college... and I may have missed a step or two, and I probably should have measured, or taken notes on amounts of time and materials. But I didn't. And probably won't next time either. I like the end result, which was the original goal:)  Back to work!

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